Mindfulness Workshop

Time Pressure. Restlessness. Stress. Mindfulness is an effective technique that helps deal with the unwanted side-effects of contemporary society.

Physical exercises and ZaZen, a well-established meditation technique in Zen Buddhism, will teach you how to handle issues in everyday life with compassion and respect. In the spiritual atmosphere of Kartause Ittingen – in the room of silence and the enchanting nature surrounding the former Charterhouse – you will learn conscious breathing and how to pay attention to the present moment. Eventually, you will find new ways how to be more aware and live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Included in the price:

  • 2 days of workshop, 10 lessons.
  • 1 night accommodation and generous breakfast buffet with many products from our farm estate
  • Guided tour of the former monastery
  • 1 lunch and 1 dinner on arrival day, beverages not included
  • 1 lunch on departure day, beverages not included
  • Beverages from the mini-bar
  • Wi-Fi on the entire monastery premises
  • Bike rental (subject to availability)
  • Free entry to Ittingen Museum and Thurgau Art Museum
  • Fresh country air, tranquillity and relaxation
  • Service and VAT
  • Parking area
  • Hotel
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