Award: Historic Hotel - Special Award 2019

Great honour for Ittingen Charterhouse: Award from ICOMOS Suisse Historical Hotel/Historical Restaurant of the Year - Special Award 2019.

With the Special Prize 2019 as Historic Hotel of the Year, the jury honours the efforts of the Ittingen Charterhouse Foundation to preserve the historical heritage of the monastery complex and to preserve and enliven this unique location according to the principles of monument conservation. The award is sponsored by the Icomos Suisse National Group and the partner organizations hotelleriesuisse, GastroSuisse and Switzerland Tourism.

For the 23rd time in a row, Icomos Suisse (International Council for Monuments and Historical Sites) awarded prizes to hotel and restaurant businesses. The aim of the award is to promote an understanding of the history of tourism and its cultural heritage. Since 2017, the prize has also been awarded to companies that have been installed in listed properties in terms of preservation, operation and development. Ittingen Charterhouse is a prime example in this respect.

Icomos is the international council for monuments and historical sites based in Paris. It was founded in 1965 as a sub-organization of Unesco in Warsaw. The national group was founded in Chur in 1966. The aim of Icomos Suisse is the continuous promotion and provision of the necessary valid standards as well as their mediation. The interdisciplinary and international exchange as well as the neutrality and independence of the members as experts are of particular importance. Icomos Suisse supports the Federal Office of Culture in the evaluation and assessment of Swiss World Heritage Sites for the attention of Unesco.

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