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In our online shop you will find a great selection of our homemade delicacies with products from the farm. We are strongly committed to the natural cultiv.

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Homemade at Kartause Ittingen

We still make use of Kartause Ittingen’s legacy and the monastery’s natural pre-conditions, growing high-quality and natural produce on our farm, in our vineyards and gardens. These commodities are then directly processed in our pressing plant, cheese dairy, butchery, bakery and kitchen, where they are turned into exquisite and natural delicacies. We provide a supervised work environment where our employees not only work in the growing and processing of food but there are also craft workshops. A popular product from our carpentry is the wild bee hotel, and the pottery workshop, too, is well-known for beautiful creations.


A Small Selection of our Products

Marokkanische Minze

Marokkanische Minze
from our
CHF 5.70

Ittinger Haselnussguetzli
Homemade in Kartause Ittingen
CHF 5.40


Homemade with Thurgau strawberries
CHF 7.60

Ittinger Klostercake Edelbitter
Homemade in Kartause Ittingen.
CHF 15.20

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