How we live sustainability

Sustainability has many facets at Kartause Ittingen.

Your contribution to climate protection

The "Cause We Care" initiative of the Swiss foundation myclimate gives our guests the opportunity to promote climate protection locally and globally. With a voluntary contribution, you actively make an effective contribution to climate protection.

Kartause-Ittingen-0km Philosophie-Selbstversorgung (14)
In our fish farm

How it works

As part of the "Cause We Care" initiative, you invest CHF 2 per room and night in climate protection.

Seminars, conferences and banquets can make their contribution with +1% of the event costs (corresponds to approx. CHF 1.50 per person/day).

Your contribution is voluntary. Please let us know when booking or at the latest upon arrival if you do not wish to support the initiative.

In return we double the contribution.

Every two-franc donation is doubled by Kartause Ittingen. One third of the total amount is used to support high-quality international carbon offset projects. Myclimate selects and monitors these carbon offset projects. We invest the remaining sum, i.e. two thirds, in local sustainability measures. In this way, our guests achieve a double effect with their commitment.

Our two current projects

We are currently investing your and our contribution in the following two projects:
  • Part of the money will be used to renovate our historic roofs. During their renovation, defective roof tiles are replaced, intact ones cleaned and reused. In addition, the entire roof surface will be insulated, which will lead to considerable savings – including heating costs. You can find further information here.
  • The remaining money will flow into an international project of myclimate. We have selected the project "Clean drinking water for schools and households through filter systems".

2018 04. 16.009 Dachsanierung Kornschütte Baustelle (3)
Roof renovation Kornschütte

Cause We Care contributions since the beginning of the project

Donated amount guests and Kartause Ittingen together in CHF

We are a member of Responsible Hotels of Switzerland

The hotel group Responsible Hotels of Switzerland, founded in 2022, consists of sustainable Swiss hotels that understand and live sustainability not only ecologically, but holistically, on the three pillars of ecology, economy and social issues. All the establishments of the Responsible Hotels of Switzerland take responsibility - each in its own individual way. They are independent, characterful establishments in beautiful locations and of high quality. Together, we want to offer guests with high standards of responsible travel a solution.

It makes us proud to be a founding member and flagship establishment of Kartause Ittingen and to be represented by our hotel director Valentin Bot as president. This drives us to become even more involved in this matter of the heart and to become better and better.

logo_farbig©Responsible Hotels of Switzerland

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Seminar in the green

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Chef and Head Gardener in the kitchen garden

our happy free-range chickens

How we live sustainability in Kartause Ittingen – a few examples

  • We wash and clean with detergents from the MayaLav-Line from Steinfels, which are particularly environmentally friendly. A dosing system controls the consumption.
  • We change the linen in the guest rooms without special request once a week, i.e. every three days.
  • In all ventilation systems, as well as in cooling units and rooms where there is a hot water supply nearby, we use heat recovery to preheat the boiler water. In this way we achieve 5-10°C.
  • We produce about 10% of our electricity consumption (~120,000 kWh) with our own photovoltaic system.
  • For our woodchip heating we use about 2'000 m3 of woodchips from regional wood every year. This corresponds to approximately 166'000 litres of heating oil, which we save.
  • We use our own wood from the Ittingen forest, e.g. in the wood oven bakery, for barrels for the wine press, in the carpentry workshop (including for a large table, benches and fences on the grounds, for the production of wild bee hotels; nesting boxes and bird feeders) as well as for sales (in the monastery shop and to private individuals).
  • We cook seasonally and use many products from our own farm. A dish made exclusively with ingredients from our own farm receives our "0 km stamp". Products that we do not produce ourselves, we source from local producers whenever possible. Our vegetable supplier looks for products for us within a 5-10 km radius.
  • In agriculture, we avoid the use of fungicides and herbicides as far as possible. Further examples of sustainability on our farm can be found here.
  • In summer the "Unteres Gästehaus" is cooled with spring water from the monastery's own spring. Afterwards the water continues to flow into our cattle shed. Afterwards, the water continues to flow into our cattle shed. The spring also feeds all the wells on the property as well as the trout farm.
  • The irrigation in our nursery as well as in all gardens is done by meteor water from our pond.
  • Together with the political municipality of Warth-Weiningen, we have successfully campaigned for there to be a Postbus connection with a stop directly in front of Kartause Ittingen. We recommend that our guests travel by public transport.
  • The facility is car-free. Two high-power charging stations for electric cars are available in the car park.
  • We train around 20 apprentices in nine professions. At the facility, you will encounter 50 occupational profiles.
  • Three digitalisation projects have meant that we can largely do without paper internally.
  • In our canteen, dormitory and administration we have water dispensers instead of PET bottles. In the "Oberes Gästehaus" we have removed the minibars and installed a central water and tea station.
  • In recent years we have invested around CHF 100,000 annually in our own sustainability projects.

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