Garden Art route 1

On four themed paths through gardens and centuries.

Discover the Charterhouse and its gardens in a special way:
Four people will accompany you to special places and draw your attention to the hidden beauties of the monastery gardens. Visitors determine the route themselves on the basis of a plan and their own preferences and discover that the narratives of the four people are determined by their particular interests.

An older man draws his attention to the basic conditions of existence and sometimes recites a poem. A young woman - she could be a landscape gardener - knows a lot about the changes to which the design of the various garden areas has been subjected over the centuries.

A young art historian walks with his audience through museum rooms and gardens and loses himself in fantasies about nature and landscapes, which are reflected in pictures and sculptures, while an older woman knows a lot about the effects of herbs and how they are still used in products today.

An audio guide device can be borrowed at the museum cash desk. Its use is included in the entrance fee to the museums.
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