Hiking Year - Hiking Around Kartause Ittingen

In the middle of nature - walks and hikes from Kartause Ittingen

Walking along the cloister to the monastery church was very important for the Carthusian monks The Sunday walk, on the other hand, was for relaxation, as they felt "uplifted and revitalized by the sweetness of the solitude and the beauty of the fields" - according to the statutes of the Carthusian Order. The former monastery complex and its surroundings are an invitation to walk and hike. Whether on the way on various theme paths through the gardens or on a walk through the Ittingen forest, through the vineyards, across meadows and fields to the nearby Thur or to the lake "Nussbaumersee", the movement revives the senses, does good and makes a visit to Kartause Ittingen a holistic experience.

Experience Culture and Nature Step by Step


The nature around Ittingen Charterhouse is idyllic. At any time of the year you can discover the hidden and unexpected on walks. The Ittingen Forest and the Nussbaumersee, together with the renaturation projects in the Seebach Valley, are an important mosaic stone in the landscape of national importance between the Thur and Rhine. We have put together varied walking and hiking routes.

On the Way on Your Own - Route Suggestions

Get on your way, there is a suitable route for everyone.
We wish you relaxing and impressive experiences of nature and culture.

Download maps

Maps of the walks and hiking routes are available here on the website and in the monastery shop. The flyer for the hiking year is available to take away from the signpost at Kartause Ittingen.

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