With its 1000 years of history, Kartause Ittingen moves and inpires. Even ‘Schweiz Tourismus’ calls us the ‘seminar hotel with inspiration’.

Our surroundings have a profound impact on our creativity.

Apple garden is suited for creative sequences outside the familiar seminar room.

Amber Boden is also a seminar room. Its main feature is a large oak table, 8 metres in length and sitting 24 people. The built-in conveyor belt will give your product presentation a surprising twist.

Green meadow, white paper, blue sky – a great place for big ideas.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Books are a wonderful and well-known source of inspiration.

Sometimes all it takes is a creative break.

Many ideas lie dormant. Give them a chance to rise to the surface in the Room of Silence.

A little detour through the vineyards and along the river Thur will relax your mind.

Our rooms with high tables offer plenty of writing space for brainstorming sessions.

A walking meeting can help solve problems and give new impetus to a gridlocked situation.

Atelier Klause is the perfect place for visualising ideas and being creative with paint and brush.

The entire monastery grounds can be used as a seminar room. Find your favourite spot.

The seminar building offers plenty of space for work and discussions, even in the hallway.

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