Ittingen Monastery route 2

Explore the history of the monastery with ten short audio plays.

In the course of time, many people have left their mark on Kartause Ittingen. The Monastery Route offers the opportunity to meet such people almost in person. Equipped with headphones, you can experience how the miller and the procurator come to an agreement about the awarding of the mill, or we can listen to the lord of the manor Victor Fehr, who, while playing billiards in the former chapter house, does not hesitate to show a guest the beauty of his stately home. The church patron of Ittingen, St. Lawrence, has his say, as do the founder of the order, Bruno, and the martyr Victoria.

The short audio plays are linked to individual monastery rooms, so that listening to the plays always conveys something about the function of the rooms and their history: an entertaining opportunity to learn more about the ideas of the monks, but also of other inhabitants of the Charterhouse. On the monastery route, a visit to the museum becomes a unique experience.

An audio guide device can be borrowed at the museum ticket office. Its use is included in the entrance fee to the museums.
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