Labyrinth route 6

In the thyme labyrinth on winding paths step by step to the centre.

Somewhat hidden behind hedges, the labyrinth lies next to the Baroque garden - an idyllic spot in the middle of the gardens of Ittingen Charterhouse. The paths are drawn in the sandy soil with thyme plants. Over 20 different species can be found.

A labyrinth is not to be confused with a maze. A maze leads people astray. A labyrinth, however, leads the people who enter it unswervingly towards one goal: towards the center. A wise man once said: "In a labyrinth one does not get lost. In a labyrinth you find yourself."
When walking, the path through the labyrinth becomes a meditative exercise. The gaze is directed inwards. Walking on the outside becomes a journey through your own soul. Therefore, the direct path is not required, detours are also part of it. The goal is not reached in a straight line, but is to be reached slowly in steps.
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