Located in the former ox stables, our bar is a popular place to get together before or after dinner – say, for one of our monastic spirits or cocktails.

At Ochsenstall, you can enjoy fine wines from Kartause Ittingen’s winery but of course we also serve Ittingen Amber, our delicious beer. And we have a great choice of fine spirits, produced exclusively in Switzerland or at other monasteries in Europe.

The same production rule applies to our cocktails: to add tartness, we use Ittingen Verjus instead of lemon juice. Carlos and Maja, our barkeepers and masters of their craft, create refreshing drinks using their own recipes. If you prefer beer, there is a wide range of monastic beers to choose from. Let us surprise you with our exceptional list!

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About Ochsenstall

Situated at the south wall of Kartause Ittingen, the building was erected in the 18th century under prior Anthelmus Entlin and used as stables for oxen and horses by the Carthusian monks. When Victor Fehr purchased Kartause Ittingen in 1867, it became the family’s horse stables. Whilst one of the horse stables is still preserved in its historical form, the other stables were converted into craftsman’s workshops over the last four centuries – and into this bar.
The historical walls and the vault were repaired and whitewashed so as to preserve the room’s historical feel. With its Baroque vault, the subtle lighting as well as the pleasant acoustics and unobtrusive background music, Ochsenstall is a wonderful place to mingle and have a drink.

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