Ranft route 7

Meet Brother Klaus in the cosy Ittingen Ranft above the northern wall of the monastery.

Books about Brother Klaus in the monastery library, a relic of the hermit and the picture in the refectory show that the Carthusians of Ittingen were intensively occupied with the hermit from Flüeli Ranft and saw in him a kindred spirit. The " Ittingen Ranft" makes this connection tangible: a spiritual place in the middle of nature with a small pond, a rippling stream and a wild ravine. A place to dive in and out, a place to meet Brother Klaus.

Reto Friedmann, sound artist and lyricist, has created a soundtrack that offers a narrative approach to Brother Klaus and his wife Dorothee, explores the Carthusian connection with him and explores his relevance for the present day. The soundtrack can be listened to with a museum audio guide, on a mobile phone (QR code) or on the Internet (www.tecum.ch).

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