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Andreas Hämmann
Manager Viticulture and Winemaking

Markus Imfeld
Manager Sheltered Accomodation

Brigitte Keller
Shop Manager

A La Carte Manager

Thomas Meienberger
Manager Maintenance and Services

Karin Melcher
Management Assistant
T 052 748 41 36

Monika Rattaggi
Garden Manager

Lukas Roggensinger
Manager Surroundings and Waters

Jürgen Stöckel
Head Chef

Karin Strahlegger
Head of Gastronomy

Manuela Strim
Accounting Manager

Ruedi Tritten
Dairy Manager

Tamara Velten
Banquet Manager

Stephan von Cyrson

Ronny Weber
Bookings Manager/Deputy Hotel Manager

Hugo Weyermann
Head of Work Pedagogy

Ramona Schilter
Head Housekeeper

Silvan Frehner
Head of technical service
T 052 748 43 12

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